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The American Standard in Full Size Trucks, the F-150 now boasts a military grade aluminum alloy body and high strength steel frame. The F-150 has been at the top of its class for over 30 years. David McDavid Ford in Fort Worth takes pride in its F-150 model and trim inventory. We provide a huge F-150 inventory, we can find the truck the best suits you.

F-150 Durability | Dallas

The new aluminum alloy body on the F-150 is the same aluminum used in other industries. This includes aerospace engineering, commercial, transportation, and energy. The truck can maintain its sturdy body and increase its strength all while decreasing its weight. This alloy is also dent resistant and near immune to corrosion. The F-150 frame is sixty pounds lighter and the entire truck is up to 700 pounds lighter with this new alloy. No sacrifice on the strength: 23 percent stronger than the F-150 2014 frame. State of the art technology aided in this construction and really produced the best F-150 yet. The idea wasn't to just improve the truck - the capital, research and time was to set a new standard in the truck industry for years to come. We torture-tested the truck. The 2016 F-150 has been driving through high altitudes, extremely dry deserts, and temperature extremes. Need more information on the F-150 and in the Dallas or Fort Worth area? David McDavid ford knows how qualified this truck is and will give more information and even a test drive. This can be your tool for years to come.

F-150 Safety | Dallas

Ever heard of the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS)? What about their accolades? The 2016 F-150 is the IIHS Top Safe Pick when you equip Forward Collision Warning. Ford has added 31 safety-related innovations to protect it's passengers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has awarded the F-150 SuperCab a 5-Star overall crash test rating. This is the highest rating obtainable for this safety score. This is partially due to the previously mentioned new steel frame. The F-150 also has the option for Curve Control. Curve Control helps you maintain control when navigating turns or curves to quickly. You are in control. Roll Stability Control, trailer sway control, and added safety belt pretensions added to anchor the belt are additions to keep the control in an event, job, or accident.

Efficiency of the F-150 | Dallas Texas

How to improve efficiency? F-150 engineers really went back to drawing board to improve this truck. Physics is the answer. With our new frame and up to 700 pounds lighter - we were off to a great start less weight. Next, the engine construction. The next-generation engine line is more efficient than ever. The 2.7 EcoBoost V6 with Auto Start is the best in-class fuel economy. The 2.7 EcoBoost V6 boasts and impressive 8,500 pounds of maximum towing and 2,250 pounds of maximum payload. The new F-150 offers four engines, the 2.7 EcoBoost is just one of them. Want more power to weight? Bring on the 3.5 Ti-VCT V6. Straight jaw-dropping unsurpassed EPA fuel economy while keeping the tow load of up to 7,600 pounds. This Power engine is done with variable cam timing. The cams open and close valve in precise duration to suit whatever operation condition demanded by you. Learn more about our 2016 F-150 offered engines and picking the right strengths and efficiency.

The F-150 Engine Line-Up

F-150 Enhancements | Dallas

To make the lighter weight add agility and control we had to enhance the handling and braking. The new F-150 holds a lower center of gravity. A double-wishbone front suspension that's independent makes a wider track. You'll be able to feel the increases in stability and control. The rear shocks are now staggered. Ford found this improvement minimizes the effects of rear axle hop. One of the shocks is on the front passenger's side and the other resides on the rear driver's side. The shocks are mounted outboard of the frame rails. Outboard mounting improves corning and reduces body lean. Rear suspension has been widened as well.

F-150 Technology Center | Fort Worth

The 2016 F-150 doesn't cut any corners. The technology upgrades and packages available to the truck are amazing. This is the smartest F-150 made. Check out our F-150 Technology upgrades available to you

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