Dashboard Warning Lights Lead You to the Problem

Having a dashboard warning light come on while you are driving is never a good feeling. But before you get too stressed about it, make sure that you know what the light might means so that you have a point of reference moving forward.

For example, a red oil can typically means that the vehicle has detected a drop in oil pressure. This can sometimes be taken care of by just getting the oil changed. Sometimes a new pressure sensor is in order if the light continues to come on after the oil has been changed.

An exclamation point inside of a circle designates an issue somewhere in the brake system. This can require a fix as simple as adding brake fluid to the reservoir, or it can be more in depth if something is going on with your anti-lock brake system.

A check engine light can be caused by many different things. When this happens, it will send an error code to the vehicle's main computer that helps the technician chase down the problem. If this happens, your best course of action is to bring your vehicle into our service department here at David McDavid Ford in Fort Worth so that we can figure out what is going on under your hood.

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