Ford Has a Driving Skills for Life Program for Teen Drivers

The Ford Driving Skills for Life Program (also known as Ford DSFL) originally launched in 2003 and is a collaboration between Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services (a nonprofit of Ford Motor Co) and the Governors Highway Safety Association. The purpose of the program is to teach teen drivers how to drive safely as crash rates are said to be the highest among novice and young teen drivers. They focus on teens who recently received their license and they cover subjects that are not covered in traditional driver’s education courses, such as distracted driving, speed management, maintaining space, hazard recognition and more.

The DSFL program has two parts, one is hands-on and the other is online and not only is this program provided free of charge, but they encourage parents to get involved and take the courses alongside their teen. The online curriculum includes study modules, quizzes, games, instructional videos and more. In addition to online learning, teens get to participate in “Ride and Drives” where they get the opportunity to actually get behind the wheel and do hands-on driving exercises that include simulation. Of course they are learning with a professionally trained drivers who never leave their side.

This is a wonderful program that is all about prevention and education to keep everyone safe on the roads. They also offer a free instructional packet that can be downloaded directly from their website for parents or school administrators who are interested. Click here to get it!

Click here to learn more about the Ford DSFL program.

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