Play it smart: schedule a summer service appointment today

With the summer months comes high temperatures and usually more frequent traveling to all your favorite destinations. It's fair to say that no one wants to run into any car trouble period, never mind during the summer months, which is why scheduling a service appointment for your vehicle is not a bad idea.


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David McDavid Ford is here to help ensure your vehicle is in prime condition all summer long and well into the fall months. We're ready to change your oil, rotate your tires, check your coolant, replenish any fluids, re-align your front end and make any necessary repairs or part replacements. Our goal is to prepare your vehicle for more time on the road in higher temperatures, which will prevent damage or any unforeseen issues from arising.

Don't wait to schedule a summer service appointment for your vehicle. We can quickly take a look and perform any services you need right away so you can get back to enjoying your summer immediately. Schedule online or by calling us today.

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